It's that most important of questions for anyone attending the Glastonbury music festival - what's the weather going to be like? Will I be rocking out to the Arctic Monkeys stood in a foot of sloppy mud with raindrops trickling down my back? Or will I be chilling out, laid back on the grass with a pear cider in hand as the sun beams down? We'll keep a close watch on the weather for you and update this page daily in the run up to the festival. We do this every year so don't forget to bookmark this page or sign up to our mailing list for weather updates direct to your inbox.

The Current outlook for the Glastonbury Weekend is:

Wednesday 26th JuneThursday 27th JuneFriday 28th JuneSaturday 29th JuneSunday 30th JuneMonday 1st July
19°C 19°C 20°C 22°C 22°C 21°C

Last update 26th June 2013, 07:56